Saturday, August 27, 2011

This is the Way We Wash Our Clothes

I have a kingsize comforter, that won't fit in my washing machine. And well, it's been needing a good wash for ages. I kept thinking I needed to find a laundry mat with an industrial size washing machine. Then yesterday the light bulb went on FINALLY!
That's what we have a bathtub for. The girls we're pretending they were Cinderella, and singing as they worked.

Oh and I had a few people wondering what a clothespin apron was. Well, here it is. Short little apron with a big pocket for your clothespins. As we supposedly shouldn't leave them on the line year round, but take them off the line between uses. And it makes it much easier if I collect them as I take things off the line..... no more hunting around for a pin off the other line, leaving the clothes hanging -not pinned- desperately hoping a wind gust won't blow it off while I'm distracted.
I find I enjoy laundry a lot more now that I have this nifty apron.
Oh happy day!

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