Saturday, August 27, 2011

Homemade Pasta

I thought yesterday, that I would make some pasta.

The recipe I found online was quite simple:

1C flour
2 eggs

make a well in the flour and add eggs, using fingers stir the center, taking more and more flour with. As it combines you might need to add a bit more flour as you knead (just so it doesn't stick to EVERYTHING).

It will look lumpy, keep kneading... you want it to look all smooth.
Let the dough rest for abt 10 min. then roll out as thinly as you can.

The pasta will get about 5 times bigger as you cook them. (in lots of well salted water, abt 2 min).

I used a can of spaghetti sauce that was in the pantry and my fresh goats cheese I had made (filled with spices and herbs)

Everybody enjoyed it... I would like to try to find a pasta roller at some point though. They turned out quite thick :o)

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  1. Fresh Pasta is the BEST!!!
    I have a great recipe for homemade ravioli you should try too:-)