Sunday, August 21, 2011

Farm Life

I've got to say, I really enjoy this kind of lifestyle. Having grown up on the fifth floor of an apartment building, I always dreamed of living far enough "out" that I could have some animals. Oh I dreamed of a cow, some chickens, couple of pigs, 3 sheep (1black and 2 white) oh and a donkey. I wanted the "petting zoo".
Now that it's become an reality, I love it!
Okay, so I have goats in stead of sheep, a llama instead of my donkey (I'm still dreaming about that one) geese, ducks and turkey instead of the pigs (I will be adding those). And we have bees.
Oh and the cow you ask? Well, she will be joining our farm this week.

My hubby's rooster.

We've planted fruit trees, nut trees and berry bushes (will be adding more of those).
We got in the structure for a good raised bed garden this year (even if it needs some tweaking) and now know how to get in "the big garden" so we now just what to do next year.

Broccoli from our garden

our second tomato out of our garden.

We are trying to grow as much of our own as possible and have decided to try to stay away from prepackaged foods when ever possible.
We'll be making our own butter... SOON :o) and yogurts and soft cheeses (and when I get up the nerve and buy some cultures, I'll be trying my hand at making hard cheeses).

I have a loving husband, who works so very hard for our well being. And two wonderful little girls that are always exploring and getting into mischief :o)
Life is Good.


  1. How exciting! you are living my dream (only replace the geese and ducks for horses LOTS of horses)
    Im glad you started a blog and I get to keep up with you guys a bit more! Miss you!