Friday, August 26, 2011

A Cow and a funfilled day!


We made a trip yesterday to pick up our new addition to the farm. A Jersey milk cow. We are letting her roam around... not that she goes very far.
I headed in to the dr office for a blood draw. Dear Hubby told me when I got home that she's been looking for him, she was standing outside the garage window mooing at him.

This is her looking in the bay windows in the family room as I'm sitting here working on the computer.

She seemed kind of sad this morning in the pen, so we let her out. DH was excited about the fact that he
probably won't have to mow the lawn anymore. Now we just have to hose the "spots" on the lawn.... free fertilizer.

Here she is on her way down towards the house.

When I got home (and had to carry two sleeping girls in the house) she came over to the car to see who came home. She blocked the way to the house, so I had to walk around the other side of the car.
Gotta Love my Moo!!

Here's our fist gallon of milk we got last night from her.
Arilyn is showing you just how much cream we got on the top.

Rhiannon wanted curls, so I rolled up her hair this morning.

We've been busy today. It's laundry day as well, and I'm going to make home made pasta for dinner..... Oh and don't forget the fudge brownies.
So off I go.

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