Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kefir Blueberry Cream Cheese

I have been making Kefir lately, just learning how to do it. I have tried it with goats milk -smooth yogurty texture. Low pasteurized Holstein milk -smooth yogurty texture. Raw skimmed Jersey milk -grainy, cultured buttermilk like texture.
So what to do with my Kefir now that we have our Matilde? I took out the grains and then hung the Kefir in a cheese cloth.
I then added honey, a bit of sea salt and some blueberries (all I had was some fruit naturals, which I drained and used). Mixed it up and put it on a toasted bagel.
Can you say Yum?!!?
So very easy and so very good.
If you tried it, let me know what you think.
Rhiannon LOVED her piece of bagel.... she only left one bite.

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