Monday, October 22, 2012

Yes I know... I have been missing in action. But no longer.
I am back and ready to get down and share all the things that go on here at the farm What's going on with the critters, the orchards, the gardens, the family, what are we learning about in our homeschooling journey. We have decided to call it "Life-Learning" for the time being. that just kind of explains it, I think.
Arilyn got her ears pierced the day before her 8th birthday.

Our cow had a bull calf, he sure is cute!

We added 2 pigs to the farm

Blueberry picking was a hit

No that's not a giant berry, it's white rock.

Strawberries from our garden

Sidewalk paint. Three ingredients: cornstarch, water and food colouring. 

Just a little recap of the last couple of months for you.

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