Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My First Little Baby Turned 8

 I thought I better share some more pictures with you all.
End of September Arilyn turned 8, which is a very important milestone. When we turn 8 you see, we can be baptized. Arilyn was very excited and for a special birthday party we have decided that this is the one time in their little lives that we will throw them a party at Chuck E. Cheese. Also she had her ears pierced as you all saw in the last post.
So here you go... the pictures from her party the day before her birthday and pictures from her baptism -on her birthday.

Party at Chuck E's!
Pizza with Sister and friend Nessa.

 Bedste and Grandpa Les
 Oma and uncle Jay,

 Mermaid cake made by yours truly.

 Some of the family gabbing while the kids were playing on the games.

 Cake time.

 Nessa made Arilyn some hair things, she loved them.

 From Oma she got a crystal with a pearl in it.

 Bedste gave her a hot-glue-gun (now I can have mine in peace) and sweater she had made.

Arilyn's Baptism
 Arilyn in her white dress with Far .

 Rhiannon was almost as excited as Arilyn about her baptism.



Arilyn right before stepping into the baptismal font.

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